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Day 2: Teddy (was Lady)

Teddy (was Lady) - D2.JPG

We had the pleasure of adopting Teddy earlier this year. I had come across the charity through a tiktok and quickly went to their Instagram to have a look. As soon as we saw Teddy we were just smitten. Before our application had even been accepted, the team was happy to send me videos of him playing etc! We were over the moon when we received the news that our application to adopt Teddy had been accepted!


Now all we had to do was prepare for him and wait for his arrival. We were updated on Ted's progress every step of his journey. Ted took a few days to come around to us, we all gave him space, including our boy Leo, and one morning just like that he decided to come up to us and let us stroke him. Before you know it, after another day he was ready for cuddles. Getting him to eat in the beginning was very difficult but some scrambled egg did the trick! Leo and Ted did take a while to click initially. There was no standoff behaviour from either of

them, I think it just took them a while to form a bond! Watching them play together now and take naps next to each other just warms my heart. Ted even got to be a part of our wedding day!


Recently, we noticed that Ted's behaviour towards other people, especially those coming into our home, slowly got a lot worse. I reached out to the charity, and they were absolutely amazing and so supportive. They really listened to our concerns and let us know we had their support and guidance. After having a conversation with them about Teds behaviour, they arranged for us to speak to a dog trainer / behaviourist. After speaking to this person, we arranged some lessons and after just a couple we saw a HUGE difference in Ted and the way he is around other people. We are now carrying on the training solo but have been assured that the support is there if we need it

at any time. The charity had paid for these sessions themselves and we are so grateful for this. I can honestly say I never expected Teddy to be as affectionate as he is. He is the cuddliest and softest boy with us. He will never get tired of kisses or cuddles, he simply just can’t get enough!


One of my favourite quirks of his, is his loyalty even when I’m in the bath or shower - he will not leave my side and will stand guard for me! He then insists on trying to help me dry off by trying to lick me..

We can see he is truly happy where he is and it means the world to us that we are able to give him the home he deserves. We can't imagine life without him. This will be Teds first Christmas with us and we can’t wait to spoil him and his brother Leo! We are also getting ready to welcome our first human baby into our family and Ted has been by my side giving lots of bump cuddles! Thank you

to the team for bringing Ted into our lives.

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