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Foster & Adopt


All our rescues are Dog Meat Trade Survivors from China and Korea so to avoid unsettling our dogs further we like to try and place them in forever homes as soon as they arrive in the UK.

 However life happens and sometimes we require Emergency Foster Carers, should an emergency arise.

Do you think you could offer a safe haven for a few days, possibly at short notice? If so, please apply via our Emergency Foster Application Form


We look for adoptive homes where the dog will not be left for long periods of time. We also ask that you do not apply if you have children under 7 or if you do not have a secure outside space for the dog to explore. Some of our dogs have been cat tested but others cannot live with a cat. 

We take applications for each dog individually when it is almost their time to fly, we will post on our 

News Page when we are inviting applications for each dog.

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