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Day 7: Cleo (was Kerri)

Kerri - D7.JPG

December marks 6 months since we adopted Cleo, and what a ride it has been! Whilst she might be the quietest dachshund I’ve ever met, she certainly makes up for it in bossiness and sass, the first night she strutted out of her cage and stared into my eyes, I knew instantly that I’d do anything for her (and she knew it too).


She is my first dog, so there's been a lot to learn. Luckily I really hit the jackpot with such an affectionate, gentle, and curious little creature. She was toilet trained in a few days and learned the rules of a home very quickly. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been challenges… Her bossy nature means she’s a fighter. She’ll have a go at any poor dog if she gets a chance.. At first her reactivity made it hard to walk her anywhere near other dogs. For a few weeks I felt pretty overwhelmed (“oh my god what have I done” type of thoughts), but I’d never give up on her.


6 months on and she is MUCH better due to some training which DMT DRSG supported me with. Last week I took her to my in-laws and she managed to sit near to their retriever, which I never imagined possible at first. There’s still a way to go yet but I know we’ll

get there.


Thanks so much to everyone at DMT, this little dog has stolen our hearts completely and it fills me with joy knowing she’s happy and safe now.

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