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Day 16: Maisie

Maisie - D16_edited.jpg

I had been following the charity for a while and when I saw Maisie’s picture I knew I had to have her. I just felt something towards her so I

applied and got my interview. When I got the phone call to say I was accepted I was emotional and excited.

When I finally got her to bring her home she was not nervous at all as I expected, she ran about in the garden with Millie and Mollie which I also was pleased they took to her. First night was a bit up and down she would not sleep but the next night slept right through. Since then she got into Millie and Mollies routine no bother.

Maisie is so loving her favourite thing is to be on your knee. She loves all humans. She is very reactive with other dogs even when I’m talking to their owner. She is jealous of Millie and Mollie if I’m giving them attention and she has to be part of it. She loves her food, loves going on walks and loves getting her jumper or coat on, she’s first to get ready. She is very good with my grandson who is only 18 months. Getting Maisie is one of the best things I’ve ever done. We all love her so much.

Her and Mollie cuddle in sometimes which I love to see.


She is starting to play with toys now and when out she walks great on the lead. Loves going to see her granny. 


I thank everyone who is involved in getting these little legs home to us. You are so hard working and I would highly recommend doing this if you’re thinking about it .

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