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Day 22: Martha

Martha - D22.JPG

Martha has been with us for nearly one year and it feels like she has always been here. We travelled from Northern Ireland on a 24 hour round trip over Christmas to get her and we never looked back.

She has an absolutely adorable personality and loves everyone she meets. She is amazing with kids and has a real passion for the kindness they show to her.


She can be sassy at times and isn’t afraid to put her younger sister back in her place. She loves her home comforts and can be a devil to get off the sofa once she is on it.

I have had no issues with her, which was something I didn’t expect. As we went into the adoption process we were conscious that we have no idea of her background, her history, what she has seen or suffered before her rescue.


But one thing we do know is that she craves affection and relishes in the kindness of others.


If you are considering adopting from the rescue, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. The support and advice given before, during and after adoption is phenomenal.

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