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Day 8: Stanley

Stanley - D8.JPG

I came across DMTDRSG by chance. On a dachshund meetup someone mentioned this small charity rescuing dachshunds from the dog meat trade. My empathy went off the chart. Off I went to research. As I searched Facebook sure enough, the charity popped up and that was me hooked. Our standard long haired Ollie needed a pal. In November 2022 I saw Stanley. I was in love straight away. It’s now or never, I filled in the application form. Only thing was I didn’t tell anyone what I’d done.. Then I waited. On the 18th Nov I was invited to a team call regarding toffee. I was like ok I’m going to have to tell the family. So literally a few hours before our team's call I told them. We then had a super call with the adoption team and on Monday I got the call “Congrats Stanley is coming home to you!”.

We prepared by removing all toys from the house, set up a separate feeding area and I knew it would be the sofa bed for me in the kitchen for a while whilst we trained Stanley to go outside. On the 27th Nov off we went to collect him. We got him in his crate, stayed in

the back seat with him the whole way home. We walked into the house and Stanley knew he was home from that very 1st moment.

Stan and Ollie were inseparable from the word go. We followed all the advice from the group about what to do and what not to do. We got Stanley a tracker device and double lead walked him. All the advice worked like a dream.


Stanley is everything to us, he knows it too. He’s the most cuddly, loving happy boy. We cannot thank everybody enough for what the

charity did for Stanley and continues to do. His guardian angels, transport team and all the support we’ve received since adopting Stanley, you really are ALL amazing.


We’ve joined a family, not a charity who really do care for these little legs. We will continue to do what we can to support. Please consider a rescue. It's the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

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