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Day 10: Parker

Parker - D10.JPG

Where do I start? Having another Dachshund to accompany the 2 that we already had was always a pipe dream. I followed the charity from afar and a comment on the page made me sit up. It was all about the lack of interest in the new pupsters so I thought “why don’t I apply”. I never thought I would stand a chance of being chosen so I didn’t even tell my husband! Fast forward …to my son and I travelling South to pick up Parker (Neville) with huge anticipation. I had of course told my husband by then. Parker took to our home like a duck to water and settled very quickly.


He does, however, have a number of idiosyncrasies.

•His bark is embarrassingly high pitched

•You can set your watch with his toilet routine (at least 3 before 10am)

•He doesn’t just do zoomies he does what we call the ‘wall of death’ - we have a corner sofa which he treats as a springboard (he runs along the back with his body at 90 degrees to the floor!

•He plays differently with our other two. Ruby is slightly smaller and the 2 of them go toe to toe when playing whereas Pandora is much smaller and when he plays with her he uses his huge paws to gently push her over!

•He won’t go upstairs in the dark! He will go up and down all day long in daylight hours but when it is time for bed he puts on the ‘dying swan’ routine when my husband tries to pick him up. He has to be lifted up 2 floors to our


•He experienced ice for the first time the other day and reminded me of the fawn on the ice in Bambi! Huge paws are just sliding everywhere.


He has been accepted by the entire family and more importantly he has accepted us! Thank you so much to this group for your interest, hard

work and support which helps so many of these defenceless pups find loving forever homes and we are honoured to be one of them.

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