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Day 1: Mabel (Hope)

The little I know of this girl's background is she was in Korea, had been abandoned and was paralysed on her back legs. She was rescued into the arms of this wonderful charity. Hope had her IVDD operation in November 2022 and with the wonderful treatment from the vets and Jenny Kim and KDS in Korea she was ready to travel on 31 March.

When I collected her after her long journey via Paris we said hello over some poached chicken and the trip home was enlivened by her

constant barking. She had no intention of sleeping when we got to her new home and we spent the next few hours playing, eating and getting to know each other. I renamed her Mabel after my late mum – she would’ve adored her.

Over the next weeks she took well to her new crate and her food and made herself at home. There were a few toilet accidents but she soon got the hang of a new routine, although is a typical dachshund when it comes to a dislike of rain!


Mabel is fine with dogs she’s been introduced to properly but can be reactive when out on the lead. In the first couple of months she was very nervous out on walks, probably because of her previous abandonment but that has settled down now. Thankfully her previous back problems have not hindered her and although she sometimes seems a bit awkward on her rear legs we’ve managed to build up some muscle strength.

She did have to have an inguinal hernia op mid year which also led to a bout of pancreatitis. She was quite sick for a while but now is fine having been put on a low fat diet. These dogs really are wonderful in coping with adversity.

She is the most wonderful little girl. Playful yet mischievous with a mind of her own and selective hearing / stubbornness. She loves cuddles on the sofa or burying herself in her favourite blanket. It didn’t take her long to switch to my bed at night. She disappears under the duvet to reappear for licks and cuddles at breakfast time.


For anyone thinking they might want to adopt one of these darlings I would say go for it. Yes there will be challenges along the way and probably it will take several applications before being successful. The challenges for me were toilet training, separation anxiety and her stressing when out and about. But these dogs have so much love to give and Mabel has adapted and improved with time, space and love.


Being a part of Mabel experiencing her best life is just so rewarding. 


Mabel says thank you to everyone who has helped her with her journey. All those lovely people in Korea (well those she met after being abandoned anyway), the transport team, everyone who donated, her guardian angels and the DMT team. Without each and every one of you she would not be where she is now.


We’re going to make sure we enjoy our first Christmas together and I’m already thinking about finding a companion for her in


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