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appeal for item donations

One of the most effective ways you can support us and our fundraising is by donating items that we can sell, auction or raffle and turn them into funds.

You can do this by:

  1. Crafting items yourself, we have a network of craft volunteers who donate items to us and we take them along to our fundraising events to sell. Any craft talent is welcome and all that we ask is that the item is in some way dog related e.g. a tote bag with a dog quote on it or an accessory a dog can wear. You can join our craft Facebook group here

  2. Having a clear out, we will gladly accept donations of brand new items you have lying around the house. Whether it's dog coats/harnesses that don't fit your dog and you missed the refund deadline or toiletries, tea towels or jewellery you will never use. Maybe an unwanted gift?

If you think you might have something you can donate, then why not turn your items into donations for our dogs. Please contact us


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