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This is Dora’s story.

Earlier in the year I was scrolling through Facebook and there was a post about the Little Legs in China asking me if I wanted to join the DMT Dachshund Support Group. I instantly fell in love with these dogs and didn’t think twice about joining.

Over the next month or so I won a few auctions and couldn’t stop looking at the Facebook page. I contacted the group as I felt so passionate about these dogs that I wanted to be involved so asked how to help.

I finally had the privilege of becoming the European Transport Coordinator for the group, and this made me feel even more connected. I had already fallen in love with Dora. Seeing other members adopting dogs from horrific conditions and giving them their well deserved second chance in life, I wanted to do the same.

Up until earlier this year we had two miniature black and tan boys, Perro and Miguel, and a beautiful goldendoodle called Daisy. So another dog was out of the question. Unfortunately we lost Daisy earlier in the year and it was an incredibly difficult time. She was my Grandma’s dog, which made it impossible to say goodbye.

Dora then came up for adoption. How could I not apply to adopt this beautiful girl I had fallen head over heels in love with, even though I had only ever seen photos and videos. So I applied. Although I am part of the team here at DMT DRSG, we still all have to go through the same process as everyone else who would like to adopt. Waiting to find out if we were going to be Dora’s new family seemed to take a lifetime. Then I got the call! Dora was coming home!

After a very tough time, we were so excited! I went out and spent a fortune! Bought everything and anything she could possibly ever need or want! (at the same time also constantly worrying in the back of my mind whether she would fit in with our family).

Dora’s flight was booked. Everything was ready and waiting at home. It was time to go get her!

We picked her up from the DEFRA boarding facility and couldn’t wait to get home and get her out of the cage she had spent so much time travelling in. I drove while my mum was passing little bits of freshly cooked chicken through the bars of the cage. Dora was so, so gentle, she was taking the chicken, but was cowering at the back of the cage.

We finally got home and it was time for Dora to explore. The cage was opened and she came straight out. She was a little on edge but wanted tummy rubs immediately! Dora met her new brothers, Perro and Miguel, and they all got on instantly. Over the next few days Dora began to settle in and started to eat things other than chicken, she also started to play. She fitted in perfectly.

All in all, Dora has been amazing. We only had one toilet accident, the only thing she seemed to worry about was the TV and toilet flushing. Within a few days she didn’t care about the toilet and she is no longer scared of the TV. In fact, she loves it. She spends a lot of time watching it!

The first few nights were hard, she wouldn’t sleep. She was in my bed from night one. And we eventually got there and she sleeps right through now. Not only that, she has learnt to play and ask to go out to the toilet.

As you are all probably aware, Dora has a bad hind leg. It is constantly straight and she is unable to use it. When we took her to the vets for her first health check we booked in for X-rays and have requested a referral to Fitzpatricks. She had her X-rays two days ago, so I will of course keep you updated with her progress.

Other than her leg, Dora seems very well. She had an anal gland infection but antibiotics have cleared that up nicely. We have been so, so incredibly lucky with Dora. Rescue dogs go through so much and the experience is very rarely perfect and easy. However Dora was meant to be. We absolutely love her to bits and would not be without her for the World now.

I am so proud and privileged to be part of this group. The team work is amazing behind the scenes, but it wouldn’t be possible without all of your support. Dora wouldn’t have been possible without all of your support.

So thank you. This story is because of all of you, and we are so incredibly grateful.

Let’s keep the dogs coming. They all deserve a story like Dora’s and all of the other adopted dogs featured this month. Just a reminder though if you are thinking of applying to adopt. These dogs are far from easy. A lot of time and patience is required. But I can tell you from personal experience, the pay off is the best feeling in the world! Dora has been with us for just short of six weeks now. It will take a while for everything to stop being new, but she is doing so well.


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