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Dougal (Noel) came home in the early hours of 6 May after a long flight from South Korea, a trip across the channel and a drive to Lincolnshire via South Mimms services. We believe he was used for breeding purposes for the meat trade and although he had short cropped fur, bald patches on his ears and nose and constant scratching from a skin condition he was inquisitive and very friendly.

He attached to Kerry straight away as she sat with him in the car on the drive home and fed him chicken! We introduced Lola and Dougal gradually in our back garden but after a few minutes it was clear we could take them off lead and they were pretty much playing straight away. Although a little boisterous as first Dougal has learnt to be gentler with her and Lola puts him in his place.

We found out pretty early that he had separation anxiety when one of us left, in particular Kerry, but he has improved immensely and he will now sit and wait until we return, whether it be going upstairs or popping outside for a few minutes. Apart from that and a few issues on walks reacting to other dogs, runners and cyclists being too close, he has been such a good boy and a loving addition to our family as well as for Lola after we lost our other miniature dachshund Teddy.

He loves going for walks, he will always come for a cuddle and is very friendly to anyone that comes to the house. Everybody says how handsome he is and what a friendly boy he is. He loves his food but he isn’t driven by it. Dougal has visited the residents at the care home Kerry works in for Halloween to cheer them up. He was very well received.

We continue to work on Dougal’s training and socialising skills, he loves to play with toys especially his favourite orange monkey. He’s an absolutely beautiful boy and we are so lucky be be his mummies.


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