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Day 18: Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde - D18.JPG

After sadly saying goodbye to my two dachsie boys last year, I eventually felt ready to become a dachshie mum again. I knew of this charity through a Twitter friend who had adopted from them, so I decided to register my interest in possibly adopting a bonded pair.


To my surprise, early in the new year, this gorgeous pair appeared, looking for a home. I must admit at first I didn’t apply, I was wary, thought it was too good to be true, but I found I couldn’t stop thinking about them - these were 2 precious, damaged little lives, could I 100% give them what they needed? I filled out the application form, was considered suitable, had my home check, and became the very happy mum of this little pair of gangsters.

Once home, I opened their crates in the garden, and out bounded 2 most adorable, waggy tailed little dogs, who within minutes had explored, sniffed, marked, and sniffed again, every inch of their new garden, which I think they rather liked. The rest of the day was very much a blur of happy tears, happy dogs, and happy mum watching them gobble up their first meals.

The first few days were a whirlwind, everything in their new home was investigated, tasted, and if possible moved or eaten. This put me on mind of that hilarious Miranda sketch where she checks into a hotel room and has to avail herself of everything, the comp biscuits, coffee,

all the comp toiletries, even the trouser press. 


They arrived in the spring, March, so were in the conservatory and garden all day. After a while we started going walkies, or rather dog/cat/bird/squirrel hunting.....this involved barking, shrieking, squealing but they were just adapting to their new life, and their new territory. To this day it's still a #workinprogress

These two little ones have restored my confidence, given me ME back, they are a total joy and make me smile and laugh every single day. I am so glad they were kept together.


Thank you for choosing me to be Bonnie & Clyde’s mum, I am forever grateful. These little ones have rescued me as much as I have rescued them.

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