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Day 5: George

George -D5.JPG

I fell in love with this little boy the minute I saw him on the butcher's truck with Mildred who was also rescued that day.


I had said to my husband when I saw a dachshund that I can’t live without we will apply. He gave me one of his looks initially which means “yes darling” to appease me… I often ask him how that worked out for him when he’s kissing and cuddling our boy.

When George arrived he was so skinny, he had gastro issues that he didn’t mind sharing all over the house, complex deformities in his front legs from poor nutrition and old fractures, he was in total fight mode and there were many fights between him and his brother Alfie and sister Sasha.


Yes our boy came with a few difficulties but we were never giving up on him because we promised him forever and we were not going back on our word just because of aggression issues that he didn’t know how to control. Who could blame him? He was scared, had just flown half way around the world and had escaped a life and sadly people that hadn’t been very kind to him.

He is an artist with a speciality in chewing: 6 sets of work headphones, two remotes, countless wires, a coke can, a table and chair legs, mum's hair and laptop cables to name just a few things. Those things are all replaceable but he absolutely isn’t! We adore our little asbo boy.


Fast forward 11 months and the transformation is utterly amazing. He has been responding well to training. He celebrates his made up birthday, has a Christmas stocking full of toys to open on Christmas Day, he demands kisses and cuddles and you have no choice in the matter, he gets his ears licked by Alfie & Sasha who he now can’t live without, he’s learned how to be a dog and how to

play, he has a spaniel girlfriend and he is celebrated for being a little different every day because he is absolutely the best boy and deserves the world.

George is the most amazing addition to our family and we will always be forever grateful to you all for helping to rescue him. Thank you DMT Dachshund Rescue & Support Group for choosing us to be his parents, we promise he will always be safe and he will always be loved like he’s never been loved before.

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