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Day 4: Albi (was Orla)

Albie (was Orla) - D4.JPG

Not sure where to start with this boy… he’s crazy. After arriving with us early August Albi has made such an impression on our family. He very quickly settled with his brother Cody and became best friends. We think ourselves very lucky for this as we know it isn’t always the case.


Albi has adjusted to UK life very well, he loves his walks and his creature comforts but that doesn’t mean he’s always on his best behaviour! We like to think of it as having a grown puppy dotting around the house. Nothing is safe… coasters, makeup brushes, bottles, tv remotes and even your phone are all fair game to Albi. The only difference to a puppy is that he’s not a chewer, he just likes to steal things for the thrill of it!

Training isn’t something that comes quickly to Albi. It took us 3 weeks to learn to sit, 2 months to lie down, 3 1/2 months for paw and 4 months to start asking to go outside. With this in mind toilet training wasn’t awfully easy and accidents were quite common up until recently but he’s doing really well! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!


Like any dachshund Albi loves the sound of his own voice whether this be at the TV, the dogs in the surrounding area, the postman or just a fly, he likes to make sure he tells it off.


Regardless of any of the above, Albi is one of the best things to ever happen to us. We love him to bits and we wouldn’t change him for the world. His cuddles and sloppy kisses lighten up a bad day, his bouncy playful behaviour makes for endless laughs and his acrobatics well… you can find him anywhere whether this be on the coffee table, the TV stand, the breakfast bar or

the dining room table!


Rescuing isn’t always going to be straight forward but neither is buying a puppy. It has been so rewarding watching him learn to trust us enough to feel comfortable showing his true personality and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. He completed our family and we can’t wait to see what the future holds with him

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