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Day 19: Arthur

Arthur - D19.JPG

This will be my gorgeous Arthur’s 3rd Christmas with myself, brother Stanley and sister Lottie and this year he will be spoiled even more than usual! He loves all the family occasions as they all adore him and all the cuddles and kisses!

It will be 6 months since my brave boy went down with the horrible IVDD but thanks to Fitzpatrick’s and his wonderful physio Sara, who adores him he is doing amazingly well. The emotional rollercoaster was awful at first but Arthur took it all in his stride (excuse the pun) and accepted everything which I’m sure was because of everything he had endured before he was rescued.

He is now able to play with Stanley who is over the moon to have his brother nearly back to normal! I have been told that it could happen again but Arthur is full of life and enjoying himself and that’s all that matters! I cannot tell you how much I love this wonderful lad and am so proud to be his mum and this experience will never put me off rescuing another one in fact I’m even more determined to!


If it wasn’t for all you fantastic like minded people who have the same purpose which is to rescue these beautiful little souls I would not have my beautiful boy.

Thank you everyone and especially the unbelievable hard working team of DMT Dachshund Rescue & Support Group.

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