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Day 12: Tilly, Louie and Ollie

Tilly, Louie & Ollie - D12.JPG

Tilly arrived 18th August this year after being abandoned with an Inguinal Hernia, Pneumonia and Parvovirus. After the amazing care she

received pulled through and she is just the sweetest, loving little Angel who has the best temperament considering how she has been treated by her humans. She loves cuddles, kisses and a lap to curl up on. If you're not giving her attention she will tug at your clothes, nibble your feet and ankles until you give in. I couldn’t love her any more than I do. She is my world.

When Louie was first rescued he was very poorly and was monitored around the clock by the amazing vet Doc Su. He had spinal fluid

examined which showed his brain had been damaged by the infection, my little warrior survived Distemper. He is loved so much and is such a happy little chap and I could not love my boy any more if I tried.


Last but not least my handsome boy Ollie, who has been home for 19 months now and is definitely the boss. He can still be a little weary of strangers and definitely protects his momma. His favourite thing to do is just chill - that’s Louie isn’t tormenting him. It really does feel like he’s been here forever. Infact, it feels like each and everyone of them have always been here and I couldn’t love any more than I do.


I would like to wish Nancy/Lillibet (mom) and all the potter pups (Louie’s brothers and sister ) and all of DMT furbabies and pawrents an amazing Christmas. Love from us all Ollie, Louie & Tilly


I would also like to thank everyone involved that made this possible, DMT, GA’s everybody that donates towards bringing these precious furbabies home.

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