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Day 24: Daphne

Daphne - D24.JPG

We already had another mini, Henry, and it had taken the kids years to persuade me to get one dog, but they beat me down and Henry arrived as a pup with a silver spoon in July 2021. Fast forward a year and we had been following the charity Facebook group for a while feeling sad, sorry but hopeful for the wee kiddos coming through. We hadn’t seriously thought about a second one but on 30th June 2022 there was a post with Daphne (not yet named of course).

She had suffered what was probably a sad, terrible life and had been found in a kill shelter with a broken leg, her tail hacked off and it was terribly infected. HOWEVER, that wee tail stump would not stop wagging and the minute we saw her we knew she was the


We watched for months following her operations and rehabilitation, then desperately waiting on her adoption advert and praying we would be the lucky ones. That took nine months due to her terrible injuries and eventually we had our interview/home check. She

arrived on 31st March this year and I can’t begin to explain what her wee face does to us. It’s so full of love.


It’s been hard at times; she was desperately ill with hemorrhagic colitis in the summer when we thought she wouldn’t survive and has ongoing pain problems with her tail stump and pinned leg. Lots of medications and clinic visits but no matter what, we are there for


She is part of our family and we are forever grateful to everyone who supported, donated, fundraised for her operations and helped bring her into our home.

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