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Day 15: Donny

 Donny -D15.JPG

Donny has been with us for just over a year now, and it feels like forever. I saw this group through a local dog walking group, and immediately felt the need to try and help. My little girl decided that she would like one of her Christmas presents to be a monthly donation to the group, and to be honest I thought that would be as far as it went for a while...then we saw Donny in his little bow tie...


When he first arrived down south, the driver said he’d never had a dog who wanted to be cuddled as much as Donny did, so affection has never been an issue, in fact, he would be surgically attached to us if he could. Dave, our resident sausage, was not so affectionate,

and for two weeks it was frankly awful. We actually did things the way that the fellow adopters recommended, and by the end of the two weeks Dave had accepted him. Donny is like the annoying little brother that just dive bombs you, or jumps on your bed unannounced, however, Dave now loves him and will always try to protect him if he thinks the big dogs are coming for him. They play really well, and Dave let’s Don sleep next to/on him all of the time.

We were very lucky that Donny went to the toilet outside immediately, and even learnt to play dead for a treat...he’d do anything for a treat. He is barky towards other dogs, but more in an over excited manner, and although it’s calmed down a lot, he still squeals with

excitement when it’s time to go on walks. Apart from cuddles, walks are his favourite time of the day.

We feel SO lucky that we got chosen to have Don, and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Every day I feel his joy and love, and I am so thankful for that. If you are in a position to adopt, do try, it is immensely rewarding.

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