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Day 6: Bertie

Bertie - D6.JPG

What a beautiful soul this boy has got. He always had energy but no clue where to direct it. Chewing his way through shoes and bags, toys and more shoes, more bags and more shoes! Not house trained, not understanding what a home is, this destructive boy barked his way through life causing mayhem like a perilous whirlwind! But boy, did he love his new mum!

He’s had me wrapped around his little paw for nearly a year now. He is loveable, funny, the best ball catcher in the doggie kingdom, loyal, 80% house-trained, Un selfish, gentle, protective and totally adores his two sisters Nelly and Mabel.

Every day is Christmas to him, the world is one big happy place made just for his adventures. He still gets scared in the dark and hates the rain (typical sausage!)but he is home and he knows it.


If you are thinking of adopting, do it. You will NEVER regret it. You may wonder what the hell you have done for the first couple of weeks, but by a couple of months, their true personality, sense of freedom and safety, love and affection, is the most amazing transformation you will ever witness.


Precious souls. I will always be grateful to Lesley, ALL the DMTDRSG team and all of you, for giving me the privilege of being Bertie’s mum.

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