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Day 17: Wayne & Marshall

Wayne & Marshall - D17.JPG

Other than the drama of sourcing two individual travel crates late in the evening of the day before collecting this pair in June (the one they were in together was simply too big to fit in the car) and their dreadful, retch worthy stink on the drive back, all went well. The first few weeks were hard and exhausting with two such boisterous and needy characters and little in the way of toilet training with supervision needed 24/7. They have chewed things everywhere (trainers, washing on the drying racks, rugs, carpets, furniture, remote control) the minute we aren’t looking so we are not yet able to relax and fully trust them unsupervised – Wayne in particular!


Wayne also had a skin/fur issue (already identified before we got them). This progressively got worse in the coming weeks and more and more patches developed and spread which was a concern but this has cleared up and they both now have shiny gorgeous coats. Their initial bad tummies (most likely stress related) did improve after a month or so although Marshall, even after nearly 6 months, isn’t completely sorted. Peeing on the spot when stressed has also much improved.

They obsess over foxes and squirrels and out on walks it can be quite dangerous if they spot something as between them they are extremely strong. They are still adolescents we think so things will settle more but their love and affection and playfulness is off the scale.

They bring so much joy and love people, dogs and children (they are extremely rough with each other but haven’t put a paw out of line to anyone or anything else). We watched the charity’s TikTok video on them a couple of months ago which reminded us of the horrors they have endured (and which we hadn’t really allowed ourselves to imagine); it was very emotional to see.


Thank you to DMT DRSG and all that were involved in saving these two. The support we’ve had throughout has been truly amazing. We are now looking forward to our first Christmas together.

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