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Day 23: Florence

Florence - D23.JPG

Rescued at only 8 weeks old, Florence arrived in our home 8 months later in August 2022, a shy, inquisitive and skinny girly with wonky back legs and a bare chest. When we opened the crate door she tentatively followed a trail of kibble, her tail clamped between her legs, but she was young and so curious. She handed me her spade-like paw and we instantly fell in love with her.

Florence, Flo, Flojo or Flossie has an immense enthusiasm for life and despite us finding her to have Grade 4 Luxating Patella in one of her back legs she shows little sign of it now. We live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and walk up and down hills every day so her leg muscles have built up and her mobility is helped by having a healthy diet with joint supplements. She is so polite, will stand and wait whilst Hattie, our 14 year old Collie, catches up with us.

She’s travelled a lot with us and is so adaptable to wherever we visit, she’s just unbelievably amenable and so loving. Flo observes everything with such intensity, you can see her mind racing, like she’s about to ask a question.

We wouldn’t hesitate to encourage someone to seriously consider adopting one of these rescued dachshunds. We had applied about a year earlier, but were unsuccessful, so our application for Florence was our second time.


We had no definite plans or expectations from Flo, took each day at a time and let her make decisions that she was comfortable with while teaching her through positive reinforcement and the help of her older sisters.

I think that she knows her life has been saved by this wonderful charity, she is a very special dog and we want to spoil her and give her a

wonderful life, a life that all dogs should have! We love her so much and feel very lucky to have her in our family.

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