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Day 11: Cosmo

Cosmo - D11_edited.jpg

Our journey with Cosmo began when we adopted him on August 7th. When he first joined our family, he wasn’t in the best shape. He was a bit underweight and had a troublesome skin condition that needed attention.


He also has a heart murmur and hip problems. However, we were determined to provide him with all the care, love, and delicious chicken

treats he needed to make a full recovery. We also received invaluable support from the team, which played a crucial role in helping Cosmo get back on his paws.


Cosmo is a spirited pup with quite the personality! He can be quite protective of his treats and toys, which we humorously refer to as his

“Scrappy Doo” moments. But he’s a sweetheart, and we appreciate his unique character. He might be the only dachshund with a baritone bark.


Cosmo is a smart pup who quickly learned basic commands. Of course, there were a few accidents in the beginning (he couldn’t always resist marking his territory!), but he’s improved beyond recognition since then. One of Cosmo’s favourite pastimes is playing fetch. He’s an absolute fanatic when it comes to chasing that ball, and we enjoy those moments together. While he prefers playing with us humans, he does have a soft spot for Lola our son’s rescue dog and Nellie (our other Grandpup) who regularly visits and keeps him entertained. We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of Cosmo’s partner-in-crime, Jill (soon to be called Cassie).


So, that’s a glimpse into our life with Cosmo, a.k.a. Scrappy Doo. We continue to enjoy every moment with him, thanks to his love, the charity's support, and of course, plenty of chicken treats! He’s a cherished member of our family, and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Please do consider adopting, yes it can be challenging at times, but the rewards are immeasurable.

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