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Day 14: Forest

Forest - D14.JPG

In March 2022 I joined the incredible DRSG team. Working within the team and attending events, I eventually got to meet my very first survivor from the group - Stanley. Having worked hard for over a year to get these little legs home, I finally got to meet an alumnus and I was sold. My husband still needed some convincing…we already had 3 dachshunds.

In January 2023 a dachshund mum and her 7 puppies were found in a cage on a roadside in China. They were thankfully taken in by a local

shelter. I was touched from the very first video the shelter sent the team, when they asked us whether we could help.

When Forest and his siblings were ready for adoption, I felt like I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t apply for this little bean. You see, our other Dachshunds are all named after trees: Sylvester, Willow, and Connie (Conifer). Forest would complete our little woodland pack!

Today, our angel Forest has been home for 4 months, and what a 4 months it has been. He is funny, friendly, affectionate, clever, and just such a happy boy. Every day is still new and exciting and he takes it all in his stride.

We adore him, from his zoomies around the garden, the way he puts a paw on either side of our neck and squishes his face into ours for a cuddle, his snuggles with his new siblings, loving every second of his walks… we love everything about him, and he makes our lives brighter.

Forest is still skinny, but he’s slowly but surely putting on weight and building up his muscle mass. The vet estimates he will be around 10kg when fully grown, so we have a way to go yet!

But as with any rescue, he still has a lot to learn. He barks at the TV animals and every time he hears a car door close. He can be shy around men especially too, even when Steven comes home from work it can take him a few minutes to notice who it is! But we are getting there with love and reassurance.

Thanks to the work of this incredible charity, Forest is living his happy ever after. It’s safe to say, this year it will be a very, merry Christmas for all of us, now our little family is complete!

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