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Day 9: Raya

Raya - D9.JPG

Our wee Raya, aka Raya-Sunshine, lil’ Baked Bean, wee Sausage, trumpet trousers.


I found the charity through @theworldaccordingtoharris on instagram who regularly shared their posts. It wasn’t long before an Adoption Alert came up for a daxie-cross. I fell in love at that moment, but wondered if we were in the best position to adopt a rescue dog. We had not long moved house but the alert came up again saying no one had applied!? Well that’s all it took, I filled in the application there and then. After the online interview, I dared not hope we would be successful, but we were! All the excitement swallowed up any niggles of whether we would be the right match, I’d never had a dachshund before!

We prepared to adapt to her, whatever she needs, we wanted to be ready. Remembering to take it slow and allow her to learn to trust us, but nothing prepared us for how she trusted me - I feel so privileged that she chose me. 


Raya seemed to settle almost immediately! It was such a relief that our labradoodle Coco accepted her. They soon became the best of pals, into everything and napping together! She is 90% house trained, and even rings her bell to let us know she wants to go out. She is a

reactive girl, and she refused to walk on a lead, out of the comfort of the garden, but she took to it after a month. We used a local secure dog park and she loved running off lead.


Raya is the beat in my heart, with her Dobbie (or Yoda) ears, her shovels for front paws and her unequivocal loyalty. She has no understanding about personal space and is ever present where humum goes, Raya goes! Her personality is huge and she is very motivated by food!


This charity is amazing not only with the relentless work it does to ensure #nodacshundleftbehind but the support that is offered throughout the whole adoption process and beyond. Thank you for bringing Raya into our lives, she is so loved by us all, our Baked Bean- Raya.

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