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Day 3: Albus

Albus - D3.JPG

We had the pleasure of adopting Albus this time last year, he arrived in January 11 days before his first birthday. Waiting for his arrival seemed to take forever which we were grateful for the updates DMT gave us especially during his transit to the uk. I drove with my brother to collect him and Ronald ( now Louie) and met Maxine Sherwood (Post Adoption Team) for the exchange halfway between pick up and our home.


We already had Bailey (2yrs old) and Lily (7 months old) we introduced them to each other in the garden where he and Lily hit it straight off and still in love as much today, Bailey on the other hand is tolerant of Albus but still not as welcoming as he was to Lily’s arrival. Albus has always been curious, cuddly and so sweet he was sitting on the couch with us, eating from his bowl and our hands whatever came his way. Took a few days to figure out he could stay on my bed at first and now won’t sleep anywhere eIse. 3/4 months ago he he got really sick

with vomiting and diarrhoea which the vet recommended pro-kolin and pain relief which he took no problem at all but ever since he would get 1/2 a month loose stools and weight loss you could see his ribs so off to the vets again and he suggested a gentler food for his tummy which he has been taking for a month now, so far so good and with the help from everyone in this group we have increased his meals and no longer looking skinny.


Bailey and Albus recently had a set too and with the support from DMT again seem to have put this behind them but highly doubt they will be best buddies like Albus and Lily are! They really listened to our concerns and let us know we had their support and guidance.


Albus is so happy, loyal and loving it means the world to Mum and I that we are able to give him the home and best life he so deserves. All of our dogs are spoiled rotten, have more clothes than us, better treats and toys too but as this is Albus’ first christmas with

us we have planned plenty of surprises too!


Thank you to the team for choosing us to be Albus’ pawrents we will be forever grateful.

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