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Day 13: Pepper

Pepper - D13.JPG

When we started following DMT, we had no intention of adopting yet. Then we saw that Pepper hadn’t received any applications and before I knew it, I’d sent off the application!


Unfortunately, we got off to a rocky start as our resident dachshund, Lisa, who I’ve had from 10 weeks old, was not happy that she was going to have to share her space and pawrents. Things were very unsettled and worrying for quite some time.


Pepper adores people, but not dogs. She loves being curled up on the sofa at home, outside is still distressing for her. But with patience, time and lots of support from the charity and a fabulous local dog behaviourist and trainer, we have made huge strides. Pepper is cute, silly and very smart! She has (just about!) learned when it’s OK to snuggle up to Lisa and when to give her space.

She has a favourite spot on the sofa and loves a cosy blanket!

Though there is still work to do, knowing how much Pepper has been through and seeing how happy she is with us is just a joy. We love her to pieces and will absolutely adopt from DMT again. And so does Lisa really, she’s just a grumpy old lady who likes to keep the young whippersnapper in her place!

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