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Sally, our Adoption Manager, tells us Biscuit's story.

********Biscuit’s adoption story*******

Biscuit was one of the earlier dachshunds supported and flown to the UK with help from this wonderful group and also Little China Dog Rescue. I had fallen in love with her and her close friend Frankie when I joined the group in May 2020 and followed their stories on here. Biscuit arrived on April 3rd 2021 and I brought her home to Essex to a home without a resident dog.

It was evident to me within the first couple of weeks that she was missing all of her doggy friends from China as she was a totally different dog when she met up with my family’s dogs. By this time I was part of the admin group on here – most of who have several dachshunds each and they encouraged me to adopt a second dachshund which I did. Florence - an ex Welsh puppy farm breeder joined us in the middle of May and my two girls became sisters immediately.

Both girls were used for breeding and are very nervous and timid. This has been challenging at times as they are scared of the slightest unexpected noise (although fireworks don’t seem to bother them strangely) They jump if I make a move that’s a bit sudden and they flinch even now if I go to stroke them and they’re not expecting it. That said, they both sleep on/in my bed with me and stick to me like glue when we are out on walks. These damaged dogs definitely imprint themselves on you and are completely bonded to their new parent but definitely need a calm, relaxed home where they can forget about the lives they came from and become confident and happy.

Having been involved with coordinating 25 DMT DRSG adoptions I have seen first hand all of the adoption experiences being shared this month and every adopter has a different experience which is no surprise as each dog has a different personality and character. I would recommend everyone who is interested in adopting a DMT survivor to read those stories.


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