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Cassie's Mum tells us her story...


Adopting a new friend from China is a little like being given a surprise Christmas gift. You know it’s coming, but you really don’t know what to expect,you are given a few clues and some pointers, but it’s all about the surprise.

These beautiful dogs have been used for breeding and then cast aside and we all know where they ended up.

When you have your no nonsense chat about your beautiful prospective fur baby you ask yourself, "am I really ready to open this box?"

1)They are hostile towards men.

2)They are not house trained.

3) They find cuddles and love difficult as they have never been shown it.

4)Forming relationships for them is hard as they have trust issues.

5)These dogs have never heard household appliances like the TV, washing machine or vacuum cleaner.

6)These dogs haven’t ever had a toy and need to be shown how to play.

7)Rescued dogs can be food oriented as they remember not know where their next meal was coming from.

8)Exercise for all dogs is important but for these babies they have to be given a gentle start having lived in cramped cages.

9)Back to house training!

10)Our fur babies can be challenging and they require a lot of attention. Be prepared for hostility between your resident pups and your new addition.

This is a list for potential adopters and I will say, warts and all, it’s not always easy. Cassie fell into family life as if she had lived here forever .

Adopting Cassie has been a wonderful rewarding experience not without a few issues but nothing that love, care, patience and kindness can't sort out. She adores my husband Kevin and all of the family. She visits children in a nursery weekly. She’s gained confidence and enjoys exploring the countryside and beach.


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