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Hear how Cinders is getting on in her new home.


We were nervous and excited on that Sunday early morning as we drove to collect you from Nomi, there were road works and we couldn’t get through, my stress levels were rising, I contemplated driving across the fields to get there as I didn’t want you to be the last one waiting for your new muma. Luckily I stopped at a farm where I met Pat who was also lost picking up more babies to drive up to Scotland. Between us we drove up and down country roads asking politely to cross barriers set up in the roads and eventually we arrived. When we were asked who we had come for and told her, "Cinders" she laughed and said, "oh god good luck". We loaded you in the back of the car where you slept all the way home. Once we had got you indoors we opened your crate but you were terrified. We sat on the floor until you decided to venture out to sniff us. There was no waggy tail and you looked so scared. We slowly introduced Poppy to you but we needn’t have worried, I think you were glad there was another dog there. You sat in David's lap and off you went to sleep, Poppy pushing her way next to you.

You love your food but at times can be greedy and have pushed Poppy away to eat hers. She loves you and is teaching you to pee and poop outside. You were very good at the vets having your check up, let her look in your mouth and ears, but you did snap at her when that needle went in (she will remember to be careful when she sees you next!) You had a lot of gunk down your ears and your teeth are very bad with terrible smell. The vet recommended we let you settle before the dentistry work. You were a good girl letting us clean your ears. The weeks rolled by and you settled in beautifully. Poppy can be a bit full on wanting to play but you have got quite a snarl and snap which sends her running. Members of family have visited and you have been fine. You love your trips to the beach and all the country walks. However if it rains you will not go outside and will pee anywhere! You do try to hump Poppy quite aggressively which we are working on although Poppy doesn’t seem to mind!

I am at home all the time which I thinks definitely helps . Although you can be left and both of you are good but be prepared we are nearly knocked off our feet when we walk in . You love David and sleep on the couch with him and Poppy every night snuggled in his dressing gown. But you won’t go out for your night time wee with him . We let you do things in your own time even if it takes months you are such a clever little dog you will get there in the end.

For all you people looking to adopt one of these beautiful babies please realise it is not all sweetness and light you do have to have patience lots of love time and understanding. We are so grateful to all of you allowing us to have our precious little Cindi (Cinders) in our lives we will love and treasure her forever. You can see from the photos how she has gained confidence and is a loving little girl but I also realise it is a work in progress with these babies for many many months. Love you to the moon and back Cinders. Pictures show your scared little face hopefully we can erase those horrible memories and make your life the very best xxxx


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