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Daisy's new Mum tells us how Daisy is getting on.



Our adoption story began with a long drive to London from our home in Glasgow. We were so exited to meet Daisy having followed her rescue from the beginning. We took our two standard dachshunds Maisie and Pickles with us as we wanted them to be part of the whole experience. We fully expected Daisy to be scared of us, especially Murray, as we knew the Chinese rescues could be particularly scared of men. So when we arrived to pick her up I went in first. She came for a cuddle straight away and when Murray followed she was quite happy to get cuddles off him too. We had taken a soft crate with us for the journey home but by the time we made a stop a couple of hours into the journey, we decided to let her on to the back seat with Maisie and Pickles. It was the best decision we ever made as on that long drive home, the three of them cuddled up on the back seat of the car together, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Once home Daisy was a bit skittish for the first few hours which is quite understandable - after what she had been through and her long journey. She also had a few toilet accidents but again we expected this as we knew she had never lived in a house before. On the first night she took a wee while to settle we placed her bed next to Maisie and Pickles and this helped settle her, she barely moved all night. Daisy never looked back after this she settled really quickly, the first week she did lots of peeing and pooping in the house so if you're looking to adopt be prepared for this. We were really lucky as she picked up the idea of going in the garden really quickly, this was certainly helped by her having our other two dogs to learn from.

We kept her in for the 1st week but as she seemed so confident and settled on the 2nd week we started taking her out with us to work at our dog walking business where she has thrived and made lots of new friends. She loves being out with the big pack and is so excited on a morning when we get the leads out. Again, we know not all the dogs coming from rescue would be able to settle this quickly, Daisy is just a super chilled wee dog and we knew by her body language that she was ready to join us with the dog walking pack. Since then Daisy has gone from strength to strength. She was extremely overweight when we first got her but she is now 4kg lighter and fit as a fiddle. It’s amazing how quickly a healthy diet and lots of exercise can change the complete look of a dog. She looked so run down when she arrived and is now like a different dog .

Daisy has been absolutely fine with visitors, a wee bit wary at first but soon comes round. She is also amazing with kids and loves a cuddle from our granddaughter. She has been on her first holiday where she discovered her bark and chasing sheep and squirrels, which is now her favourite hobby.

We can’t imagine life without her now and adopting her was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. She makes us laugh every day and our other two dogs love her. We wouldn’t change her for the world. We can’t thank Lesley and her team enough for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with her.

For anyone thinking of adopting please don’t think it’s going to be this straight forward with all the dogs, they are all totally different and have been through unimaginable horrors and they can take a real long time to adjust to home living. Having two dachshunds already definitely helped Daisy settle. If you have room in your home and heart and lots of time and love to give, adopting one of these dachshunds is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have and we have never looked back. We are looking forward to many more happy years with Daisy xxx


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