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Today is DORIS DAY

Not be confused with late actress who loved dogs. Doris was picked up by Sally & her Sister Claire who looked after her overnight till we met at Reading . Doris never stopped wagging her tail, you don't know how they will react after what they have been through. Each dog will be different but from the moment she arrived she got on with my boys Otto & Bear. At the beginning she got up every time I left the room to follow me, but now she is fine. We had a few accidents at first which is only to be expected having never lived indoors. Doris learned from the boys to go outside to toilet, now she asks to go outside.

Doris sleeps inside soft crate at night at the side of my bed but again started on and off the bed just making sure I was still there. She loves her food also likes raw carrot, blueberries, banana. Loves going out, whenever she sees her harness does the little Doris dance.

First time at the beach her little face, "what's this soft stuff under my paws? I like it", very good on the lead. I have been so lucky with this little happy girl. Big thankyou to Lesley and team for all your hard work .xxx


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