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Fundraising Events- Help Needed

Did you know that we attend a schedule of events all over the country to raise funds for our rescues. Last year, we attended 36 events and raised over £12,000.

We are busy planning our 2024 schedule, you can view our upcoming events here. We need some support with keeping our stock levels steady, so we are appealing for item donations. Our stalls focus on dog related items and a tombola, some ideas of items we could use are new harnesses, new collars, new jumpers/coats, new dog toys, dog treats, lickymats, toiletries, chocolates, kids toys, candles, small gifts, dachshund printed socks, dachshund printed scarves, dachshund jewellery, keyrings. But we can turn pretty much anything into cash! So if you think you can help, please contact Lora


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