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We fell in love with Millie as soon as we saw her and we were so lucky to be able to adopt. On June 20th this little firecracker came into our lives. She was instantly welcomed into the pack and made herself right at home.

We kept things calm and simple. We didn't ask anything from her. Toilet training took a few weeks of us resorting to puppy training taking her out after sleep, meals and play. We stayed out with her with the command go pee, she's amazing.

She really is an outdoor girl and will stay out all day even in the rain! Barking at next doors dogs, passing tractors, the postie and sits watching the world go by.

Millie is a sensitive little girl and likes her own space some evenings. She is terrified of being picked up and rolls onto her back in fear. I find that very upsetting.

She's a clever girl and picked up recall very well to voice and whistle. She only has 1!! Her tail wags non stop!

She's a real foodie and knows where the sweetie drawer is and is so impatient for her dinner she pesters her dad non stop. She loves a whole raw egg as a treat.

She loves to play with her tug of War buddy Alfie, we have teddies legs and arms all over the house.

It all takes time love and understanding. I don't nag or expect. She's not even learnt to sit yet but who cares as long as she is happy and healthy.


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